Beginning – Don’t fight, just write!

How it all started.

Many people choose their passion in all sorts of things. I wouldn’t call writing my passion, but I can call it something which puts me in all kinds of emotions and let’s me release all what’s on the mind. Helps me concentrate. Aids in my peace development. Keeps me composed. Makes me open the dictionary app a thousand times. Gives me happiness, especially when someone appreciates my writing or even agrees with my views on a particular subject.

I started film reviews about six or seven years back. A small paragraph it was, at that time. It was merely a few years post I joined Facebook. Oh yes, I started first on Facebook. I used to seek different synonyms of words, tough ones. On purpose! I wanted to show people that I am aware of words which they aren’t aware of. Evil. From paragraphs to bigger paragraphs, I went on as a boat sails on the sea. One day, after a few years of long, tiring [it was tiring for my friends to read, not for me to write] paragraph writing, I decide to create a page. Asked a few friends for a suitable name. It had to seem neat, of course. “RReviews” [a suggestion by a friend] just stuck. There was literally a situation that my Facebook friend list recognized me by that page. I sent all of them invites to like my page UNTIL they all accepted [I never stopped]. Well, most of them accepted it. A couple of them even shared all my reviews all the time. Did it help me spread the word? No!

I used to get irritated, angry, wondering why aren’t all of them helping me promote my page. I never shared this with anyone until this very moment. Although, my closed ones knew.  But what could I do? I posted links to all my reviews on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Did it help? No. Rather, I might have angered a few friends by doing that every single time. Then, I did what I never wanted to do. I paid. I paid money for more likes to Facebook Inc. It was a small amount. But I was hopeful. The next day, the likes came in flowing and the day after and for the whole week, I collected about five times the likes I originally had. I was immensely happy! ‘Thank you Facebook’, I said in my mind. But what happens a few days later, I realize that all those likes were fraudulent. It is just to show to the Facebook users and the creator that his page is worth a dime. It isn’t. Darn it! I lost faith in everything. Yet, I laughed a little on how I was played. I wanted to shut it all down. But I didn’t. I still kept hope that I might get more likes now, genuinely. Now that I have bagged a thousand. I kept watching movies, Hollywood and Bollywood. Kept my views coming. Stopped worrying about the likes, eventually. Improved my reviews, added sections, made it even more sophisticated.

I then come to know that people [friends on my Facebook friend list] hate to read huge reviews. Mine were. Most definitely. Aren’t they supposed to be? I also get awakened by a news that people read my reviews, but forget to like it [or perhaps, they don’t actually like them to hit the like button]. Argh! I felt like punching the wall. I didn’t. Relax. But that feeling is back, where I get greedy for likes. That is not good. The feeling of receiving attention, is like food to the hungry, periodically, isn’t it? Sublime. You forget about the word cupidity and just flow into the river of chocolate. It’s ecstatic.

Okay, wake up! Just to remind you, I was feeling exactly the opposite. Those thoughts started to sway and then disappeared, after all. Have you read my miniature biography? It says that I am impulsive. I just get this sudden jitter. An electric energy passes through my veins all the way to my brain and creates a thought. This particular thought could result into being an unwanted desire, or a decision or even a choice completely opposite of what I thought of it priorly. For example, I could completely switch to an iOS powered phone, again, from Android powered phones. Unpredictable, yes. Can you go read my mini-bio already?! This, too, is mentioned. Anyway, I made this decision of closing my page. And I updated my status giving this piece of information. Man! The amount of comments I got, the sad smileys and so many questions as to why I did so. Really? Now you all woke up and smelt the coffee?

It is truly said, that a person is remembered the most at their funeral. Trust me, I felt the same with my page, RReviews. And I did it. Facebook gave me 14 days to rethink the decision. After that, it never asked me again. And those big long reviews, were all gone, in just a click. Sad. Moving on, a few months later I got another jitter. Let’s give it ONE LAST SHOT. Okay, made the page again, designed the cover photos, profile photos, fonts, backgrounds, colors of the aforementioned. Invited everybody to like the page again. I know. Embarrassing. Next day, I finally realized what I should have, a lot earlier. Posting on your timeline gets more attention than a page with a 100 likes. Such a tube light. Thus, I said to myself, who am I kidding? Boom! Shut down the page. And this time, for good. Started posting on my profile henceforth. Smaller more compact reviews. To the point. As is our technology nowadays. Getting smarter, year by year. I got a shipshape response. Oh but well, was I complaining? No. A dog shouldn’t ask for meat when Pedigree [which is all his owner feeds him] does the trick. Agree? So, this is my story. All’s well that ends well.

But wait, don’t go. Today, I got struck by the lightning, again. And there you go, I will now write movie reviews on a BLOG. The big ones, remember? I loved composing those! I also felt like quitting Facebook today. Don’t kill me, please.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Not so English.

There should be more movies like Kingsman in the film market. I surmise that eighty percentage of the sequels of films are mostly average or below and are most likely not as successful or appealing as their first parts.


Yes, I stated two different things about the same movie above. The definition of that is, Kingsman: The Golden Circle sure had a lot of recognized American faces added to its list of English cast, but I don’t think the adequacy of the content is enough. According to me, that is a very important element. Although, if the cinematography (by George Richmond) is concerned, then, Kingsman has maintained high standards, since the beginning and continue to do so. Their slow-motion sequences too, are in the right amounts. Plus, what I majorly loved in KTGC is the distinctive background score (by Henry Jackman and Mathew Margeson) which is made better than the first part, adding individual sound tracks, instead of the instrumental ones. A few of them were of Elton John. Speaking of him, he most definitely is responsible for half of the comedy in the movie.


Furthermore, my hunch is that this film is just a little more than average. It is quite shocking that it is still running in most of the theaters here, even after a month of it’s release. Agreed, that Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and Pedro Pascal added a different kind of semblance to the film in relevance to the new story, yet, it doesn’t quite match the standards of the first part, in terms of the plot, of course, and the amount of action. On the other hand, Julianne Moore as the adversary doesn’t quite do the job. She is the main reason, the film feels quite fragmentary. A foe is the other, very vital side of a film. He or she should be convincing enough to bring out the rage in the audience, against them. That DIDN’T happen. Taron Egerton fully handles his responsibility as the lead and transcends it, rather. Colin Firth is the minutely-fragile second lead [you’ll know why] along side the remarkable Mark Strong.


Edward Holcroft, Hanna Alström and Sophie Cookson had lengthier roles in here, [when compared to the foremost part] did manage to back-up the leads well. All in all, my views are based on how much of the film I got to see. Because, you see, the censor board here in the U.A.E chops a lot of scenes, which makes it very difficult to analyze the film.



Chef – The ‘Indian’ Version?

I see that the Nawaab is back with a film. I also hear that he will be the first Bollywood actor to bring an Indian television show on Netflix. So, exactly what has been accomplished with this great, new cookery show? 


The flick actually seems as if a lot has been censored out. But that isn’t the case. It really felt rudimentary. Because, in Hindi films now, scantly zip-lining the essentials have become a thing, which are candidly supposed to aid the story. This, infact, was the main reason I disliked this year’s first “big” release, Kaabil. Instead, I preferred SRK’s Raees over it. 


My message to Raja Krishna Menon [who also was, surprisingly, the director of Airlift] – don’t even merely try to relate this one to the original Jon-Favreau-Chef because that was, undoubtedly, on another level. 


Furthermore, I consider myself as a bad orator. But, I was hearing so many vocal interviews of Saif Ali Khan a.k.a Nawaab Sahab on the local radio stations and him, being so experienced, and also playing the lead in the film, couldn’t be fluent in giving just a small synopsis of his upcoming film. Menon, who was sitting beside him, was so over-confident about Chef. 


It was a great advertisment opportunity for Home Center and Raghu Dixit [one of the music composers of this film], that is obvious. Dixit did a good job though. Loved to see Milind Soman after ages. There is a word in the market of people urging to watch the film just for his small role. Too bad eh, S.A.K.


Lastly, the crew boasted so much about the father-son-relationship being the key in this film. I found it to be too childish, at least the way it was portrayed.


Chakravyuh – The well shown plight.

Every coin has two sides. Here, the two contestants are the Naxalites and the government of India. Prakash Jha has again come up with a blockbuster story according to me.


My father told me before watching this, that Jha’s flicks are always outstanding creations! He’s absolutely unmistaken. Gangajal, Apaharan, Aarakshan and Raajneeti are a few of his blockbuster films. The sixty-year-old comes up with such matchless stories, which create wows in public.


This particular anecdote, although, explains one of India’s extremely elephantine dilemmas. The Naksalvadis actually are an enormous organization of people who declared their readiness to adopt armed struggle to redistribute land to the landless around four decades ago. They have a cause, a motive, an aim in life which Jha has presented in the motion picture, rather elegantly. Thus, Chakravyuh untangles the old and the merely unspoken predicament. The cinematography and the direction are just sublime! The star cast, which is well chosen, including Arjun Rampal, Abhey Deol, Manoj Bajpayee and Anjali Patil gave stupendous performances. Plus, Esha Gupta, Om Puri and Kabir Bedi fortified the cast well too.


This movie is targeted to a sensible and a contemplative audience, not a boisterous audience who enjoys dumb comedy or senseless films.


P.S: Sameera Reddy and the song Kunal Khol both were uncalled-for, entirely!



Brave – Almost perfect.

Katherine Sarafian, the producer, brings another delight to our eyes giving us a splendid flick. Who says cartoon movies aren’t genial? Have you watched Brave? I would conjure all of you to watch this relishable spectacle.


This is a tale of a princess who was distinctive from the ‘typical-princess’ type, because she was born in a forest and spent most of her girlhood there. She loved adventure and  archery, contrary to other princesses! Having fought with her tyrant mother demanding exemption, she absconds from her castle. Her destiny steers her to a place, she wished it never did. How she deciphers the most colossal hitch of her life is well explained by Brenda Chapman, the story writer, the screenplay director and one of the directors of this film. Contributions are also appreciated by the co-executers, Chapman and Mark Andrews. The voices of Kelly Macdonald and Billy Connolly, I must add, were of a very lovely Scottish accent which gave it a very authentic zest.


On the whole it is a sheer entertainer. Also, those three little kids added a relative amount of comedy, which is a joy to watch.



Krrish 3 – A bad move.

My friend and I are huge fans of Hrithik Roshan, and we were too excited to watch his new flick. We had pre-booked the tickets and were eagerly waiting for the release date to come.


I don’t know what got into the director’s mind and he made such a subpar film with such a bad story. I was laughing so much on how cheesy the dialogues were in the film, specially a film which is a 2013 release. Its not 1990, Mr. Rakesh Roshan, where people actually kept all the cheesy dialogues in mind, to repeat them, eventually. Especially youngsters. There is a good amount and quality of technology shown in the film, on which nearly one and a half years were spent. I applaud that. But again, it looked like they’ve taken so much from the Hollywood, specially from films like Superman, X-Men and Justice League. Most of the scenes reminded me of these movies. Not to mention, the characters, including the villain, all are characters from the X-Men or probably very similar, if not the same. I mean, that’s pathetic. Why wouldn’t you ever create something of your own? [my question to Indian directors]


I loved the performances of Vivek Oberoi playing the villain and Jr. Roshan playing the father-son duo. Kangna Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra are just extras, I feel. Moving on to the music. It is probably the most head-aching music I’ve ever heard! Even Rajesh Roshan is still living in the nineties. Buck up man. Shouldn’t have even thought about Raghupati Raaghav! Its a chant and something which we Indians pray on. Come on! Although, there is just Dil Tu Hi Bata which sounded nice.


I would surely enumerate about how much hard work Hrithik has put in this film, in every scene (especially the one in Jordan shooting the song Dil Tu Hi Bata). With his brain surgeries, back injuries, he’s completed a super-hero film. So, that’s a big thing and he should be well commended for that.


At the end, all I can say is that elders and minors can go watch this film and I think they’ll like it. Plus, elders aren’t really aware of the Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters. Its a no-go for the mid-aged. It will be a comedy show for them.


P.S: Director, you should have given a decent costume to Vivek. He is looking like garbage, literally. And, how can a device put life into someone/something and at the same time destroy someone? What logic!



The Wolf Of Wall Street – Too much shown.

I had both my hands on my mouth after seeing this salacious yet peculiar film because the reviews I had heard from a few of my friends were precisely,

“Amazing film, a must watch!”

“There were scenes which were censored that shouldn’t have been. Great film but!”

“It was like soft-porn.”


It didn’t really make me feel that it would be so drug-oriented and full of nude shows and sexual intercourses. It was quite surprising! Why am I so astonished? That’s because I downloaded it and saw it. That’s right, THE UNCENSORED version and trust me, I didn’t expect it to go to such a degree.


‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ – this guy is a pundit and leaves everyone behind in terms of throwing a performance in any kind of role he is given. He is so versatile. They say that if you are an expert or a professional in one genre of acting, you could be just good in the other genres as well, but can’t be an expert in them. Notwithstanding, the Titanic star seems to be pro in just about every character he plays. He was doing such a different role in “The Great Gatsby”. Plus, he makes it look so effortless.


Based on the memoir of “Jordan Belfort”, the point of the film basically, as of what I understood, is about what exactly happens inside a stock exchange office and how can you earn tons of money if you just knew how to speak well. It is also about how, when the stock market crashed, what a person like Jordon Belfort do after he loses his job in the crisis. He was a major drug-addict, a drunkard and slept with sex-workers. On the other hand, he was the best motivational speaker and a superb leader/trainer anyone could ever witness at that time. Martin Scorsese has made some fabled and award winning films and yet again strikes with another one.


I would be laughing on people who saw it in the theaters because you missed out on the main scenes. Do download and watch it, those who haven’t seen it yet.